We are located in the beautiful city of Dallas TX. We install custom epoxy floors in residential and commercial Settings all over the DFW area and surrounding areas as well. Listed below are just a few of our most popular commercial epoxy floor systems that we Offer. All epoxy floor installations are customized for your specific needs, budget, and conditions of the concrete slab. If you want more information please feel free to contact us today by
calling us at 469-571-5467 or email us at  if you have any questions about our epoxy floor installation services or to schedule a FREE consultation. You can also fill out the free consultation form in the home page and some one from our sales team will reach you with in 2
4 HRS.

We use Industrial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy and Clear Coat Products
, Polyurea and Polyaspartic materials which are  the absolute best product to use on concrete floors, because of it’s excellent wear, abrasion, chemical, and hot-tire pickup resistance. 100% Solids Epoxy contain no solvents; therefore they emit very little odor or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) during installation, unlike other solvent-based or “high solids” products. Additionally,
100% Solids Epoxy maintains it’s thickness throughout the curing process; unlike other products which evaporate and shrink as it cures.


100% Solids Epoxy / Decorative Flake / 100% Solids and/or Urethane Clear Coat – 25 to 40 Mil System: Ideal for resurfacing existing floors and long-term protection of new floors, this system is one of the most popular amongst our commercial customers. Examples of commercial settings include grocery markets, offices and meeting rooms, showrooms, hallways, patios, walkways, and any other area in which a decorative, non-slip surface is desired. The
decorative flakes not only hide any remaining imperfections in the concrete, they also add texture to the finished product. This system is typically what commercial customers pick for us to install in areas that require extra traction and are viewed by customers and clients. It is chemical resistant, wear and abrasion resistant, UV resistant, hot-tire pickup resistant, and can hold up to the abuse the high demands of any commercial environment. After proper surface prep, the concrete is primed with a High Solids Epoxy product. We then apply a 100% Solids Epoxy product, followed by desired broadcast of decorative flakes. Depending on how heavy the flakes are applied, the system is finished with a clear 100% Solids Epoxy product, and/or a Urethane Clear Coat product. With this system, the final finish will have a smooth “orange peel” texture (created by the decorative flakes), even with the Urethane
Clear Coat applied.

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